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首頁 > 常見問題>>獵頭做不好與什么有關?
來源:http://www.fpinhel.com 發布人:shunxing 日期:2021-09-28
Many people attribute the company's inability to make orders and earn money to their own consultants, which is due to their poor ability of consultants. But in fact, you don't have high-quality customers. Even the best consultants can't make orders. Without high-quality customers, you can't attract the high-quality talents you need, it's difficult to do well in your company's business, and it's difficult to have high income. Therefore, if a headhunting company wants to do well and become bigger, it must have high-quality customers instead of wasting time communicating with junk customers.
When looking for customers, headhunting companies must pay attention to distinguish. They can't step on this pit, otherwise they will suffer.
When talking to the customer about the price, the customer said he didn't need money, but he still found an excuse not to sign the agreement. More than half of such customers are deception, so we should refuse to cooperate with customers who "as long as the candidates are excellent, money is not a problem", because this is deception. On the contrary, the boss of the company doubts Xiao Li's working ability and can't make a single. In fact, Xiao Li is already very excellent. Xiao Li has made great efforts. As a good consultant, he can't make a single. He can only say that he hasn't met high-quality customers. Therefore, for headhunters, they should pick up customers selectively, have their own ideas and methods to solve problems, so as to become an excellent headhunter and a consultant with an annual income of millions.
High quality customers are generally large companies with long-term cooperation, sufficient funds and stable development. These companies pay attention to their own credibility and smooth communication. They regard headhunters as partners, not resume channels bought with money, abide by contracts and pay on time. They need higher quality talents, so high-quality customers can offer high salaries, and then have high requirements for talents. I hope headhunters can help find good talents and generate greater benefits for the company.
In the final analysis, the reason why headhunters can't do well is that they don't find high-quality customers. Therefore, as headhunters, they should use their own professional knowledge to help high-quality customers and high-quality talents complete the connection. They should not waste time on meaningless and worthless people. At the same time, they should also strive to improve themselves and become a headhunting company with their own traffic, so that high-quality customers can find themselves and achieve a win-win situation.