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首頁 > 最新公告>>在職場中哪些事情是不能跟同事談論的?
來源:http://www.fpinhel.com 發布人:admin 日期:2020-04-29
Headhunting workplace: something the workplace can't say
About your career planning
Everyone in the workplace has their own expectations and plans for their career path. When we chat with colleagues, we inevitably involve this topic. Maybe you think these things are unimportant and have no influence on others, so you have no intention to say it and tell others your future career plan without reservation.
Is this really right? Doesn't it really matter? Your career planning generally includes your career aspirations, or the way to promotion. Maybe your colleagues are your competitors, and everyone wants to be promoted and get a raise, but what do you think of your colleagues when you tell them about them; Or you plan to study in this company now, and then use the company as a springboard to go to other companies. If these words are passed to the leaders, do you think the leaders will teach you by hand and reuse you. What do you think will happen to you? After all, can you guarantee that your colleagues will not tell the third person?
Talk about salary with colleagues
Talking about wages is a taboo in the workplace. Many companies don't allow employees to talk about wages, which is not conducive to the stability of the company's personnel. Therefore, it's better not to ask other people's wages or tell others about their own wages. Your colleague's salary is higher than yours, you are not comfortable, you are higher than your colleague's salary, and the colleague is not happy.
Negative comments on the company, leaders and colleagues
Colleagues chat make complaints about Tucao. Some companies make complaints about the overtime work and pay no overtime pay. Then they will work out the system of Tucao company. Some colleagues are accustomed to the wonderful work and get along with others, and they will make complaints about their colleagues. Some leaders are very harsh to the people. The plan has been changed many times or has been beaten back to re reform, and it does not consider your body and energy at all. However, when we are in the company, we don't look up every day. If we have any negative comments about someone or the company, do you think the other party will have any opinions on you? If it's a leader, will he deliberately make obstacles for you in the future work and do all kinds of work to pick you up? Don't make yourself out of nothing because his mouth is not blocked Create difficulties.